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Ladymead can provide many services within our training programmes due to their entirely bespoke nature.

High calibre tutors

Ladymead tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds, all at senior level within their fields, many having published books or papers. They have both the credibility gained from practical experience and an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical concepts underpinning their specific areas of expertise.

Achieving flexibility for individual delegates

Our training format, structured around modules of either half days, full days or multiples thereof, provides the flexibility for a series of modules to be selected for each delegate precisely matching their individual training requirements. This is a cost effective method that makes training relevant to each individual.

Flexibility with existing work patterns

Training can be organised to minimise disruption to your normal work patterns, taking into account staff availability and avoiding busy work periods.

Organising venues and facilities

Training can be run on your premises or at an independent venue. If required, we can organise a suitable venue and organise all the necessary catering, equipment and training materials.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.