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Ladymead Projects: Training Methods

Our courses are highly interactive, designed to be directly relevant to the workplace. Courses are delivered using high quality course materials in an inspiring, challenging and entertaining manner. We monitor delegate feedback and arrange follow up programmes, which involve coaching and mentoring. We continually improve your training programme in order to accommodate your developing needs.

Training methods include:

  • Interactive seminar sessions — tutors present course material using a variety of visual aids. Comments and debate from delegates is actively encouraged to ensure each delegate’s individual experience can benefit the group as a whole.
  • Practical workshop sessionsWorkshop facilitation — delegates are split into small teams and given specific tasks based upon case studies of actual projects or specifically designed exercises. A response is then presented by each team for further discussion.
  • E-Learning sessions — Interactive workshops using CD-Rom or Web-based material to either supplement and reinforce tutor run sessions or as stand alone teaching media.

A balance is always made between formal “talk and chalk” sessions and “learning by doing” techniques in the interactive sessions. The interest and challenge presented by the variety of teaching methods provides a proven and powerful means of transferring necessary skills onto your delegates.

For more information of to discuss your training needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.